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On-line card payment

Our E-Shop now supports an up-to-date and secure form of payment by credit card.

Since we use the "Pay MUZO" system, credit card payment is entirely secure.Pay MUZO is an online payment gateway which enables merchants to accept online payments using Visa and MasterCard. Pay MUZO fully supports the 3-D Secure standard, as well as the security programs:

The 3-D Secure system ensures security by providing credit card information directly to the bank and not to the merchant. Information is encrypted and transferred by means of the HTTPS protocol so that the information can be read only by the bank.

Payment is accepted using the following cards:


Just having one of the above cards may not enable you to use the online payment system. Online payment must be supported by your bank. If you are not sure, ask your bank before using your card.

How to pay with a card

First, choose your merchandise in our E-shop and add the selected items to the basket. This creates the purchase order.

Check the contents of the purchase order, select payment by credit card and click to confirm  your order. Your order will be accepted and  the system will check the availability of the items you have ordered.  As soon as verification is complete, the status of your order will change from waiting for processing to waiting for payment.

To initiate payment click on the payment link. 

The system will redirect you to the Pay MUZO gateway, where you provide the number and expiry date of your card. If it is protected by a password, the gateway will ask for the password to authorize the transaction.

The system will then return you to our E-shop page, where the result of your online transaction will be confirmed.

If the system does not accept your card, check the following:

  • Have you correctly filled in the required information for your card?
  • Are there sufficient funds in your account to cover the transaction?
  • Does your card support internet online payments? Contact the issuer of your card or your bank.

What happens if payment is not completed or you don’t have all the required information?

No problem, you can complete payment later by returning to the purchase order section of the website. (Your merchandize will be shipped once payment is completed.)

Pay Muzo - Secure Payments on the Web

Global Payments Europe operates an on-line payment gateway - Pay MUZO. The gateway enables merchants/vendors to accept MasterCard and VISA bank cards in on-line transactions. International associations have introduced a standard called 3-D Secure for unique identification of all parties involved in an on-line transaction. This creates a close link between the issuing bank and the card holder on the one hand, and the merchant and the acquiring bank on the other. Security of the Pay MUZO system is enhanced by the use of a digital signature for all data transmitted between the payment gateway and the on-line shop.

The main benefit of the payment gateway is significantly improved security of transactions for all parties involved – the card holder, merchant, issuing bank and the acquiring bank.

Pay MUZO gives merchants an opportunity to significantly extend the range of their clients by enabling them to serve global markets, sell around-the-clock, and open an alternative distribution channel.

Key Benefits

  • Security

  • Flexibility

Features List

  • Robust system operating in 24x7x365 mode

  • Supports all MasterCard and VISA cards (including Maestro and VISA Electron).

  • Non-stop monitoring of service availability

  • Compliance with the most strict security standards (3-D Secure)

  • Certification and audit by card associations

How It Works

GPE’s system is fast and secure for all parties involved in an on-line transaction. A card holder is shopping in an on-line shop and requests payment by his bank card. The vendor hands over the payment request to the Pay MUZO system. The card holder is asked to fill in bank card details and confirm the payment request. Pay MUZO authenticates the bank card holder using the 3-D Secure standard. If the authentication result allows the process to continue, Pay MUZO sends a request to authorize the transaction. If the authentication result does not allow the process to continue, the transaction is terminated. The acquiring bank forwards the authorization request over interbank networks to the card issuer. The card issuer authorizes the transaction and hands over the result back to the Pay MUZOPay MUZO delivers the result to the vendor, which notifies the card holder. system.

What is 3-D Secure?

3-D Secure is a card holder authentication mechanism. Every card entered in the payment gateway is checked by the respective card association, i.e. MasterCard or VISA. It is verified whether or not user authentication is required for the given card. If yes, the card holder is redirected to the issuer bank’s system to identify himself (by entering a password, inserting a chip card, providing other sensitive information). The result of the authentication is then handed back to the payment gateway.

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