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Cierva C30

The autogyro is a hybrid between a helicopter and an airplane. The Cierva C 30 represents the best in this category. It was produced from 1933 in England, France, Germany and USA. Altogether 146 machines were built. They were used mainly for aerial observation and some served on aircraft carriers. Examples of the Cierva flew until 1945, but after that autogyros were replaced by helicopters.


- Semiscale Cierva C30 autogyro, available in two colour schemes
- Model is fully detailed
- Dummy engine has nearly 50 parts
- Flying weight approximately 400g.
- Rotor head uses proven Rotorshape design
- Rotor diameter 690mm
- Flying time 10 to 15 minutes depending on battery and flying styl.

Recommended equipment:

- Servos: 2 x Hitec HS55
- Motor: HCS 60/2-3e (catalogue no.G9002)
- Battery: 3S LiPol 1000 – 1500mAh
- Controller (min. 8A): for example ADVANCE 08 JETI
- Micro receiver: 4 channel, e.g., REX4 plus JETI
- Transmitter: 4 channel with delta mixing

- For pictures of the Cierva C30, please see our Gallery


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